Israel Astronomy Olympics



Modiin's astronomy Olympics by Bareket observatory

Since 2003- Bareket observatory team arranges the astronomical competition.

The first of its kind in Israel.


More than 200 kids from 11 different schools has been selected to participate at the first stage.

The school's teams were gathered and got a full list of resources and topics from the observatory library.

Each of the students had a test which indicates his /her knowledge in astronomy.

The tests were examined by the observatory staff.


Those who passed the first stage made a second, tougher exam, in order to sustain with the most qualified kids.

The third stage was a great production and took a place at the municipality hall of Modiin, the largest city in the area.


At the Olympic competition there were present:

The science teachers, school principles, the mare, student parents, Israel educational system representatives as well as journalists and television reporters.



The major aspects the Olympics competitors were asked about were:

        Planetary sciences.

        Astronomy explorers and Jewish ancient astronomy.

        Solar system bodies as- asteroids, planets, comets, meteorites, and the sun.

        Atmosphere phenomenals.

        And much more


The majority of the Olympics competitors are students which visits the Bareket observatory or their school takes a part of our astronomical activities.


The contest was very close between the whole groups and included projection of astronomical movies, animations and images prepared by the observatory staff for this purpose.

There was also a live planets performance of Modiin's dance group and astronomical songs which were an integral part of the contest itself.


The Olympics was directed by Miss. Miriam Bareket and was based over the opinions of the judges :

        Prof. Amri vendel astrophysics dep. at the Jerusalem University.

        Meir cohen a commentator of space and avironautics.

        Albert califa from the astronomy club.


Pic: the judges.

The first 3 places won great amount of prizes and the first place got a big shiny trophy for his schools.



The astronomy Olympics is one of the Bareket observatory activities directed to the wide public which intend to promote astronomy and science in Israel.

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