Advanced mechanical and optical tracking systems



Satellite and NEO Science

Satellites observe the Earth on a global level and take measurements to help improve our understanding of the dynamic processes at work.

Natural disasters, mass transport, ice sheet melting, ocean currents, climate change and the Earth's orientation in space are all studied using data gained from satellite technology.

Many of these scientific satellites require very precise orbits determined using geodetic observation data.

If a satellite is reflecting white/NIR light target then it can be tracked by the TIS system.

Special projects in the field of optics and telescope design

Design and construction of custom optics and telescope systems
TIS systems develops and manufactures high-precision optics and opt-mechanical assemblies and systems and integrated systems, at the customer's request.

Optics and telescope design Our capabilities include, for example, the production of complete telescopes based on RC or Newtonian astrograph systems.



Movie: Telescopic high magnification Airplain auto-tracking - via the TIS 1279 system


Movie: Comet auto-tracking at 0.4" per pixel


 Movie: AMOS-3 satellite Spacecom 3 long duration imaging




Examples for targets supported by the TIS are:


Movie: International Space Station auto-tracking at 0.4" per pixel, uncropped


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