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מצפה הכוכבים ברקת - קוד מצפה רשמי Bareket observatory IAU B35

Astro EDU network

לחיפוש במונחון הזן טקסט ולחץ חפש


מנוח הסבר המונח
Astro EDU network

The Astro-Edu-Net initiative provides a number of fascinating resources for astronomy and space, including access to virtual and remote robotic telescopes, as well as interactive applications.

With them, students can explore mathematics, physics, geography and other subjects using genuine astronomy and space-related data, and making real scientific observations.

The Astro-Edu is has been conducted by the Bareket observatory.


Among the goals of Astro-Edu is increased communication and understanding within the population of the Middle East using astronomy as the catalyst. Astro-Edu network can be translated to more than 60 different languages using the integrated translation module (move your cursor over the flag in the upper left to translate the materials). 


Read more about the Astro-Edu-Net initiative - click here


Start exploring the Astro-Edu-Network at http://www.bareket-astro.com/astronet