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July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse

Chicago Israel Astronomical conference

International Video Conference, took place in Israel - connecting students through the globe via Astronomy science.

In collaboration with students from Israel and Chicago, hosted by Bareket Observatory in Israel.


As part of the Conference the students controlled the Internet telescope located in Israel, while conducted astronomical image processing and analysis via Astronomical online class.

The student activity included an observation on Comet Holmes, which shine in the sky during the observation.

Controlling the Internet telescope was done without specialized software. The students selected the requested object (Star, Galaxy, star cluster, Nebula, asteroid, Comet, etc) and let the telescope follow the commands according to the desired coordinates or object.


The acquired image appeared on the screen at the end of the exposure, after the Starlight passed a thousand light years (and more).

Before the Convention, the observatory's staff met the Israeli students and a made a comprehensive workshop, which included a lecture about telescopes, reviewing the history of the development of the telescope, Telescopes, introduction to photography, image processing and methods for using astronomical telescopes.


 chigago israel conference

Image: Astronomical Live session



The Conference was held on 14 November 2007, Wednesday from 22:00 clock at Israel Academy of Sciences and arts high-school.

Students from the United States were able to capture the night sky in Israel, while in Chicago the local time was 2 p.m.

The Israeli team watch the U.S students on a giant screen during the live telescope session. The students were excited and immidiatly began to open up and chat (in English) on topics related to space science and astronomy. They also discusses on personal either, such as the other team life in another country as a student, etc.

The Bareket observatory's remote telescope allows direct control over a Robotic Observatory from anywhere on earth connected to the web. Using state-of-the-art telescope installed at the observatory it is possible to explore the secrets of the universe from home or the classroom and virtually anywhere on Earth.


m42 core 1419278160
Image: astronomical target taken by the students during the global initiative. M42 nebula

More images at the gallery



teacher astronomy workshop

Image: Astronomical workshop for Arab teachers 


Both teams expressed much willingness to continue working together in the future.

The Conference is part of the outreach activities at the Bareket Observatory for the public. To promote a love of astronomy and science.




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